Thank you 2018…Hello 2019!  Thank God for a wonderful year!  Through it all his made a way!  Without God I won’t be here!  Thank you all for the love and support, every single readers and… View Post

Welcome to bymaanaa, a place for enlightenment and inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading. God has been exceptionally good to me in 2018. It’s about you JESUS!  I might not have all I wanted or… View Post

  Why should I remember? Remember who you are! Welcome to my blog space. I hope you enjoy reading this much as I enjoyed writing it.  We live in a new generation where people easily… View Post

Do not define yourself by the activities of what happened! Hello and welcome back, an extra welcome if your new to my blog space! We mostly feel bad and insecure about the things that happened… View Post

Hello and welcome to my space, if today is your first time welcome and I hope  you enjoy reading, if not, I welcome you back. Today I am  touching on the topic faith. It’s a… View Post