Hello sweet souls, the weather is making everything slow and hard to get out and about. Finding the right things to wear can be  daunting but am very simple and my style is pretty much the same…I believe simplicity is always the best. I am not too much of a bright coloured person, I like to stay with my neutrals and nudes.



Lately, I’m very much into black, yes the colour black! My mum was like who die? In Africa you were black when someone close to you dies till the person is buried…I know what your thinking…kinda weird but oh well, back to moi, my mum said that due to my love for the colour black lately, like I am constantly wearing it, buying all my outfit in black, my suitcase was full of black stuff when I went to Ghana…I know right, wrong place to take that colour but guess what Ghana is totally different now, they have certainly embraced western culture and fashion very well.





Anyway I cannot tell you why I have fallen for the colour black but I can say is one colour that embraces any skin type, body shape and  structure as well. It’s a beautiful colour that fits in well with any occasion and yes weddings too!!.




Whatever the weather it does the job, summer, winter and spring, it’s a all year around colour.

Don’t forget to tell me what colour are you surprisedly loving lately?

Love Maanaa

Matthew 22:39