Over the years, I gave struggled to discipline myself with some things in my life, one of them is praying. As a Christian I know the importance of prayer and what it can do for me now and in my future. I believe in prayer, so why I struggle to discipline myself to constantly pray, baffles me.

A lady pastor once told me “ there is never enough time to space so move with prayer”. What this basically meant was that, whenever I found myself alone, I should use that as an opportunity to pray.

So I made a decision, I will pray each time am alone, on the train,in and out of work, cooking and anytime at all that I find myself to be alone, by doing this I can pray in bits for 2 to 3 hours each day. Though I made the decision, there are days I slack and the reason I give myself could be anything from being tired or over talking on the phone. Yeah! Though I have bad days, I do not allow days like that to stop me from moving forward the following day.


I believe we all have an area in our life, where we are struggling with. But the little advice I have is that, we must first decide to be disciplined in that area, then make a conscious effort to stick with the decision, knowing that you will have a bad day, but do not allow one, two or even 1 whole week to stop you from getting back to your decision.

I motivated myself by thinking of the gains of sticking with my decision, so in regards to my prayer life, my gains will be developing a stronger relationship with God.

My thoughts, anything good doesn’t come easy, but remember it takes a decision and discipline to make a change. Make discipline a habit.

what are you thoughts?

Love Maanaa x

Ephesians 6:18