The Healing Process!

How do you treat someone who’s hurt you?

A million dollar question,right ? I bet we’re all wish there was a straight forward answer to that question. Well it’s two things it can be bad or good, ok what do I mean by bad or good ?

Very simple, you can choose to deal with the situation in a negative way (bad) or a positive way (good). The answer is really what you decide but let me enlighten you just a little.

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I am not that old trust me, please don’t laugh it’s true but the little experience I have gone through with being treated bad it’s quite a lot…so technically I can say I have a good knowledge on how it feels to be treated bad, and obviously when these things started I was very mature in that area but years went by I learnt more and I got better at dealing with these bad treatments, and YES it has helped me to avoid such behaviours in my life, someone once said you


I think it was a great quote.

So how do you treat or react to someone treating you badly?

Well the answer is

  1. First you MUST know that their behaviour is not because of YOU but rather because of them.
  2. Give your self time…as in work on your emotions first, before approaching the person, that’s if you want to approach them.
  3. Please Please, it’s hard but what’s happened to you, is a gain, how? You have felt the pain, so now you will learn from it and now ensure you never hurt or treat someone they way you were treated.

Ok yes…it was not that easy for me to just just get over it or deal with it.

Allow me to tell you what I actually do when someone hurts me ;

  1. I pray and ask God forgiveness,yes I do because I am not perfect!
  2. I ask God to help me heal quickly, so it does not escalates into something more serious, because the reality is being HURT can cause a lot of DAMAGE, we all react differently to pain.
  3. Then I try to cry because it helps you let it all out, mostly I can’t CRY straight away, depending on the severity of pain caused. But crying it out is very important.
  4. No.4 I try not to do so but always end up doing it, I talk to a friend or loved one, who is aware of the situation before, mostly these things are seen before they become evident. Taking helps, it’s important, it’s a form of therapy.
  5. I personally really try to get over the situation fast, at times it’s not always the best thing to do. It’s imperative to give yourself time to heal well.
  6. Finally forgive the person. This is also an important part of the healing process.

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The above is what I do, everyone is different, we all feel and act differently to situations, it’s always best to think through before any action is taken. The most important thing is, you find what works for you and stick with it. Remember

What ever seed you sow…you will reap…leave it to God!

In everything please please make it a point to talk to someone. Never suffer in silence.

Love Maanaa

Matthew 11:28-30

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