Symptoms Of Love !

Does Love really conquers all ?

Well it can but it got to be REAL LOVE and must be a decision to actually work on the relationship, no matter the type of relationship you are in. It must be TRUE LOVE and being devoted to the individual receiving or giving it.

It takes the individuals to make any type of relationship to work.

In my previous article, I mentioned about relationships,the importance and how it’s essential for the people in that relationship to be one mind.

Today I really want to encourage all of us to to BELIEVE IN LOVE AGAIN!

The truth to be told, love can definitely conquer all but negative thoughts and feelings must not be accepted in any relationship in order for real love to conquer.

What do I mean by LOVE CONQUERS ALL?

Where love is found, there is peace, happiness, joy, hurt, pain and more right ? Yes!

Therefore love can conquer but it won’t be easy and it won’t make any type of relationship a smooth one.


Being PATIENT yes !!! That’s the way.

Patient! Patient! Patient! Patient!

Be patient with your partner, regardless of the relationship you are in. You need to have patient. You also need to be humble in order to endure. Enduring doesn’t mean being abused in the relationship but enduring by giving your self a chance to Love and be loved. Staying focus in the relationship and paying attention to each other needs and wants. It might not be easy because both individuals are different, coming from different backgrounds and different beliefs etc, that’s where the endures comes in.

A look of love

How do you keep the LOVE GOING?

Staying positive in the relationship and remembering the good qualities that attracted you to the person and the good things that has happened during your relationship with them.

Let trust reign in the relationship, do not allow yourself to stop believing in the strength of love.


If love was enough,money, family, culture differences etc won’t matter.

The fact is that, all the above matter, you can love each other but at times it’s not enough because life can become very tough and love in turn become powerless in some situations.

But here is my thought on the above…everything is a mind set, how ever you see it, is how you will begin to see it happen. In other words, love is a decision, and your actions are also a decision, whatever you decide to do, is what will eventually happen to you.

So my encouragement to us all, is to decide to LOVE and allow your self to be LOVED and see how you will excel in the situations that you face. Remember to have an open mind and heart, in loving ensure you are ready to be patient.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love Maanaa

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