It’s been a while since I did a bit of STLYE.

But I must say I have a new love for flats, all because of MULES. Have you noticed the new TREND going on with shoes…oh yes! I have and I am all MULES. simply loving them.

You know I always say things happens for a reason lol it’s true honestly.

I have always been the type that worn high heels but for some reason I have to stay away from them now…don’t worry I will tell you about it soon.

Nude Wedge Mules

Yes but luckily or should I say I am bless, whichever way, Mules shoes are GREAT way of staying in trend, being stylish and definitely being chic at the same time…what a joy lol, well for me, because I love to dress up.

Brown Kitten Mules

Below are few,  I am absolutely In love with.

Oh before I forget, they come in kitten heels too, not just flats.

So you know, the colours they come in are great. What I find with them is Mules, even with someone like me who’s not so much into bright colours, I am loving the REDS, YELLOWS etc.

Red/Black Mules

You can also easily style it, because they are flats and kitten heels, they just look gorgeous under any outfits. Lastly any age group can wear them too, it’s amazing I must say. 

White Mules for any age group

I have attached some URL below for more looks, I picked ASOS (worldwide) and SAINSBURYS (national) stores, because so far, I am loving the kind of styles I see but I know there are more out there so go and explore. Don’t forget to click on the links to have a look for yourself.

Whatever style or type of mules you choose, be rest assured you will love them, they are comfy and I must say, they are also affordable.

You can style them for any occasion for sure and you won’t be left out.

Enjoy Mules








Love Maanaa

1 Peter 3:4 (NIV)


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