How to deal with betrayal !

How to deal with betrayal !

Hello and welcome once again to my blog space, where I have been given the chance to express and enlighten my readers and followers with the little knowledge I have been graced with, enjoy reading.

What is betrayal?

Betrayal is the act of breaking a contract, trust or confidence that will cause moral or psychological conflict within a relationship of any kind. 

What causes betrayal? 

The most common cause of betrayal disclosure of confidential information, statements, such as disloyalty, infidelity, dishonesty. The side effects of betrayal can cause a lot of emotional and physiological distress. The aftermath can include shock, grief, lost of self esteemed and control. 

The above clearly explain a little bit more on betrayal and what is all about. This is a very difficult topic for me and I am sure it is for many people out there. 

It’s important to recognise that being betrayed by your loved ones or a close pal  can cause a lot of mixed emotions. Emotions that might never go away or can cause a sudden change in you. 

When you get betrayed, you definitely ask your self a lot of questions, couple of them being “ why me ? What did I do wrong?

I believe some of these questions come in mind cause of the sudden shock of finding out. 

The process in which you start to build yourself to get over being betrayed is not easy but that’s where FAITH comes in. 

Betrayed Girl

People or a person will betrayal you for their own reasons but always accept that you are not the problem but they are. Why you may ask? Because you trusted them with that information regardless of what or who you thought they were, you also felt comfortable with sharing that information with them hence why you did so. 

Being betrayed can be very disheartening but being betrayed by someone you love can be traumatic and devastating. However we need to accept that is part of life and these things as much as they hurt us, their there to play a part in our story for the future. It also happens to make us stronger, their there to help us to learn and gain knowledge. 

I have come to believe that for someone to betray you, they must have lateral motives. The person that betrays you is no stranger, their most definitely someone who you value and love. Anyone cannot walk to you from the streets and betray you, no way! Is your loved one, someone you trusted and appreciated. 

Why must you forgive a betrayal ?

The act of forgiveness still plays a key in this very cold and sad part of anyone’s life. 

  • First of all forgiveness, honestly forgiving the person does not mean you are condoning their behaviour rather your choosing the act of FORGIVENESS. 
  • Negative feelings can cause you to stand still instead of moving forward in life. Be positive about things and allow your self to think positive. 
  • Because that’s what God wants you to do! 

Being betrayed can cause many things in your life, mostly in your mind which then translates into the physical, it’s imperative to take steps to recover from the effects of this act. 

There are many ways to build yourself up again but these are the few I believe can help you also to recover. 

  • Forgiveness 
  • Rebuild your faith 
  • Associate yourself with believers
  • If you can, detach yourself from people you do not trust. 
  • Do not betray,remember how it felt when you were the victim. 

As the saying goes, it’s easier said than done yes! But it can be done and can be done very well. Taking the steps above to let go of betrayal is hard but it can be done, remember not to blame yourself, envision your future as being brighter and free or any betrayal. Like I always say think positive and focus on being a better person, your purpose for being in this world. 

Remember nothing can break you, unless you allow it. Remember no one is perfect. Remember the future is better and brighter. 

Matthew 6:33

Love Maanaa 

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