Hello…2019, You’re welcome

Thank you 2018…Hello 2019! 

Thank God for a wonderful year! 

Through it all his made a way! 

Without God I won’t be here! 

Thank you all for the love and support, every single readers and followers. I very much appreciate your love and support over the past year. 

Blogging for me is a way of reaching out to people I can not see and can’t personally talk too. Is a way of sharing love and support to others through my words of encouragement. 

Blogging is also a way of sharing my experiences, in hope that it might touch someone to see the positive in life and also help someone out there. 

It’s only been a year since I started blogging, it’s been great but I believe strongly that 2019 will be a much better year for all. 

As we close the year 2018 let’s be grateful and thankful, let’s see the goodness that has been happening to us, let’s stay positive and focused, in order for us to enter the new year with a heart of gratitude. 

It might not have been a perfect year but hey is there such thing as perfection in this world? Certainly not, so with that in mind, I believe you and I can enter the new year with thanksgiving, knowing 2019 will be much better than 2018. 

Once again thank you God and thank you to all my readers and followers here and on all social media sites, merry Christmas and successful new year. 

Love Maanaa

Matthew 6:33

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