Hello and welcome once again to my blog. It’s time to go a little personal. Let’s go on a journey. Happy reading. How many of us realised we were born knowing about God? Okay, I… View Post

Hello and welcome to my space, where I share with you my thoughts and experiences. I do hope you enjoy today’s reading. Many at times, TRUST does not come easy to anyone in this world, I… View Post

It’s been a while since I did a bit of STLYE. But I must say I have a new love for flats, all because of MULES. Have you noticed the new TREND going on with shoes…oh… View Post

FORGIVENESS Be you, give yourself a chance, we all make mistakes, so why are you stressing yourself because you made a mistake? Or mistakes? Well I do understand why you feel the way you are… View Post

Keep running your race ! Keep running your race because God hasn’t forgotten about you… yes! He hasn’t, because you are still alive and kicking. Many wonder if God is still alive when they are… View Post